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THe Fiero Award

"The FIERO Award is given to unique physicians who, during their career, have demonstrated a commitment to education and research, have a passion for teaching, and whose impact has changed the practice of medicine."
-Peter Catalano, MD
St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Brighton MA
Open Forum Executive Committee

Fiero Award Winners

The fiero award

Fred Kuhn 2011 FIERO winner2011

Frederick A. Kuhn, MD FACS, FARS

Georgia Nasal & Sinus Institute, Savannah GA
Adjunct Professor of Otolaryngology, University of North Carolina

Dr. Reuben Setliff 2012 FIERO winner2012

Reuben C. Setliff III, MD

Setliff Sinus Institute, Sioux Falls, SD

Mike Glasscock 2013 FIERO winner2013

Michael E. Glasscock III, MD

The Glasscock Hearing Implant Center, Houston, TX

Also Stamm 2014 FIERO winner2014

Aldo Cassol Stamm, MD, PhD

Director of Sao Paulo ENT Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil

B. Tucker Woodson 2015 FIERO winner2015

B. Tucker Woodson, MD

Director of Sleep Disorders Program at Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI

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