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"I was very hesitant on getting anything done with my sinuses because I had surgery elsewhere and it didn't fix anything."



I was very hesitant on getting anything done with my sinuses because I had surgery elsewhere and it didn't fix anything.  A friend of mine told me to give Setliff a try. After contemplating and going back and forth I decided to give him a call. I'm so GLAD I did. Dr. Setliff not only gave it to you straight and told you how it is, he and his staff are very nice and informative. I had my surgery on 10/23/2015 and I feel amazing. The surgical center was awesome they were all very nice and helpful.  I also like the fact that I don't have to go back every couple months for a follow up. I love Dr. Setliff will recommend him to anyone.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing experience I had with you guys here at Setliff Sinus.  I had my first surgery with another doctor and it was the worst experience I have ever had!  I came out of surgery miserable and wearing a pad around my face!  Then from there they ask you not to blow your nose and to wear that pad around your face for a couple of days to wait for bleeding to stop.  After it stopped I still wasn't feeling any relief and I was not to blow my nose for a week or so after!  So a couple weeks went by hoping I would feel any difference, nope it got worse and then from there on it was sinus infection after sinus infection, and I was beyond miserable.  So I went to my primary doc and she had mentioned Setliff but never referred me but mentioned him.  So I took it upon myself to make an appointment with him and that was the best choice I could have made!  He looked at me and knew I needed help!  So he sat there with me for a while and explained everything that I needed to know about my sinus issues after that he thought that I needed a second surgery.  Of course I cried thinking ugh what didn't the other doctor do and here I am looking for help again.  But Dr. Setliff reassured me that he was going to help and make it better so we scheduled surgery.  I had my doubts again but I went into surgery two later and everything was much more different yet so much better than the first time!  He made it all about me, he said I could blow my nose after surgery and I wouldn't need that pad on my nose like the first time.  I woke up from surgery feeling really really good, it didn't even feel like I had like I had anything done.  So I went home thinking I'd feel like crap for a few days, nope next day ok shopping and feeling good!!!  Here I am I my second week after surgery and I feel amazing!!!!!!!  He gave me back my life!  Feel more rested nomore snoring I can taste and breath again :)  :)  :).  I thank you all for the help at Setliff!!  So for those are in need of surgery or needing an opinion on your sinus issues I recommend Dr. Setliff #1!  Love his work and I will be bringing my family there as well.  Also Dr. Setliff and his nurses have awesome bedside manners and will talk with you until everything is answered and you feel good about it.  Thank you again couldn't be happier.

"He gave me back my life!  Feel more rested no more snoring I can taste and breathe again :) "

"I have more energy, and have no more headaches or sinus congestion."



For 42 years, I have had nasal congestion. It progressed later to headaches and not being able to breathe when sleeping. Other health problems followed including sleep apnea and syncope episodes. I was placed on a CPAP with a very high pressure setting. I also had a surgery 5 years ago with a different doctor to try and fix the problem as well as correct deviated septum. After the surgery, the problems did not get better.

I heard about Dr. Setliff from a friend. I went to see him and immediately he noticed that I had severe sinus issues and still had a deviated septum. We scheduled a surgery. Dr. Setliff corrected the deviated septum and also removed several nasal polyps, as well as worked on the sinus area. The recovery was very easy and I have never felt better.

For the first time that I can remember, I can actually breathe through my nose. We were able to lower the pressure on my CPAP significantly and I actually sleep a lot better. I have more energy, and have no more headaches or sinus congestion. My experience with Setliff Sinus has been extremely positive. It was evident that they really wanted me to feel better and were willing to help me do that. The follow through from Dr. Setliff and his staff has been phenomenal and I have never been treated so well by any health facility or doctor. If you have been experiencing sinus related issues, don't wait another day and call Setliff Sinus to set up an appointment. I am feeling the best I have ever felt and I have recommended Dr. Setliff to several family members and friends.


I want to take this opportunity to let you know how amazing it is to taste and smell again. I am glad that I made the decision to come see you to have this taken care of. Even though it has been a long journey to finally get to this point it was a well worth the time and was full of education for my family and me. Every person that talks to me about sinuses, your name is the first one I mention, I will continue to recommend everyone to you. As the little girl on the TV says “My favorite doctor in the whole wide world is Dr. Setliff" and I agree 100 %.

"I want to take this opportunity to let you know how amazing it is to taste and smell again."

"I feel like a different person.  My sinus problems are basically extinct."



My name is Jason and my sinus story spans over 25 years.  After being diagnosed as allergic to a host of items as a teenager, I was given shots and medicine.  Nonetheless, I continued to suffer through sinus problems for years.  At some point in my mid-20s, I had my nose broken playing sports and my sinus issues worsened.  As an attorney, I could tell that my sinus problems were affecting my research and casework.  It wasn’t until I turned 40, after bouts of sinus infections, facial type sickness, snoring, and lack of sleep, feeling fatigued and continuous facial pressure that I decided to research treatments.  I engaged Dr. Setliff and the Setliff Sinus Institute.

I was unsure that I could be helped.  After one appointment with Dr. Setliff, I was given options and his recommendation for the best course of action.  Less than 2 weeks after our initial meeting, I felt almost 100% relief from my sinus issues!  As I write this testimonial, it has been over a year away from my treatment.  I feel like a different person.  My sinus problems are basically extinct.  I feel even better each month!  Dr. Setliff provided the most excellent follow-up care and takes the time to review my case when I call and have questions.  I recommended my wife to see Dr. Setliff and I would further recommend his and his team to anyone seeking sinus treatment.  Truly he has helped me greatly, and for that I am thankful.
Setliff Sinus Institute is not your ordinary sinus clinic. Because we are the most highly specialized sinus clinic in the region, focused SOLELY on sinus care