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The SQ Test

At the Setliff Sinus Institute, we first want to determine if a patient's symptoms stem from allergies, sinus problems or both. The best way to do that is with the SQ Test.

The SQ Test is a 99% accurate method of diagnosis and your most cost-effective option.

The SQ Test
  1. One Blood Draw
    One option for determining if allergies are the problem is by testing patients with hundreds of skin pricks. At the Setliff Sinus Institute, we drastically reduce your discomfort by performing one simple blood draw. We use this sample to test for the most common allergens.

  2. Medical History Questionnaire
    Depending upon the results of the blood draw, the next step in treatment is a complete medical history. We want to hear about all the symptoms you've experienced, the treatments you've tried and the results of those treatments.

The SQ Test is available only at the Setliff Sinus Institute. To schedule the test, call your nearest location.