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The Setliff Code of Care

Dr. Setliff has five principles he follows regarding patient care:

  1. You should keep what you were born with.
    Nothing is more intricate than the design of the human body. Masterfully conceived, the nose and sinuses treat and filter air. They deserve the utmost respect, regardless of the therapy.

  2. Your comfort and convenience matter most.
    Our entire staff is focused on making your visits pleasant. We answer all your questions, and we listen attentively to your medical history. We invest in technology to save our patients a trip to other facilities. We test for allergies with one blood draw rather than hundreds of pricks or scratches.

  3. Your treatment is tailored to your specific condition.
    There is no typical nasal or sinus patient. Every patient has a unique set of symptoms and unique sinus passages. Some patients may find relief with a combination of medicine and nasal irrigations. Others may find relief only through surgery.

  4. You will receive only necessary, medically vital treatments.
    The Setliff Sinus Institute makes a clear distinction between what is possible and what is necessary. For instance, although insurance pays for post-operative sinus debridements or "clean outs" (routinely performed by most providers), they are not routine and are rarely necessary at the Setliff Sinus Institute.  An expensive image guidance system, which some providers use routinely, is NOT used in every case scheduled at the Setliff Sinus Institute.  We are concerned about care for AND cost to the patient.  Only by examining the necessity of treatment can we be the most cost efficient.  

  5. You are our number one priority.
    At the Setliff Sinus Institute, our sole mission is to provide relief for and thus improve the quality of life for nasal and sinus sufferers.  We have nothing more important to do and nothing more important to think about than success in accomplishing that mission.  

For the patient, our techniques mean faster recovery and a higher level of success.  In fact, follow-up studies of our patients indicate that more than 90% show significant improvement.  Even patients who did not benefit from traditional surgery have found lasting results at the Setliff Sinus Institute.